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With our proven analysis and predictive system

Have you ever wondered ‘Am I making any money’?

You know you can sell, you know your market, but, something is not right.  Money seems to be flying in (and out!). You know it will affect your profit and ultimately your cash, you know you must make changes, but how? Good News! It’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back, reassess your strategies, and find new ways to get things moving again! Even Better News! you are in the right place…. We have the solution…


As an entrepreneur managing an online micro-business, strategic planning and forecasting are crucial for sustained growth and success.  Understanding the environment your business is operating in, allows you to scale through profit growth…making you more money!


If you’ve enjoyed significant sales growth in the past, there often comes a point when you start to feel like a busy fool. You’re working in your business instead of on your business.


Your plug-and-play financial co-pilot. Helping you save money and increase profitability by analysing and predicting your fusiness financial landscape

  • Better financial management – current information is updated in real-time providing the perfect foundation to build the vision for the future.
  • Saving Time – by automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with cash analysis ProfitFLO, enables the owner to focus on changes and forward planning.
  • Improved accuracy – by minimising the manually input data required, it greatly improves the accuracy in the financial projections.
  • Better forecasting – by providing historical trends, the future cashflows are more accurate and insightful for decision making.
  • Collaboration – Using a cloud based solution provides the perfect platform to connect to other software and banking systems. Team members can also gain access without the fear of duplications and incorrect files being worked on.

let us help you

We are proud to offer the perfect solution—Strategic Management Accounting with Cashflow Forecasting software. By assessing the current financial status and projecting this information, ProfitFLO‘s software acts as a crystal ball, offering insights into the future. With prompts guiding the way, businesses can make informed decisions, gaining a strategic vision of their own financial landscape. Empowering business owners to achieve their goals, retain cash, and scale confidently. All at an affordable price.


As businesses grow, challenges can become more pronounced. Lack of a defined decision-making process, strategy and leadership can lead to business stagnation.


Over time, competitive pressures can increase. Businesses need to have clear visibility of changing market dynamics as early as possible.

Overcome Scaling Challenges

Growing a business requires forecasting and scenario testing – skills the business owner may not have used before.

how does it work?

You give us 12 months historical data and we will give you

VIsion of the next 12 months

Work through 2 different scenarios to see which is best for your business

Provide you with a clear-cut decision making process